Welcome to the 2023 PSL Registration Page !





1. USA Lacrosse Membership 

- All players must have a US Lacrosse membership in order to practice and play in our games. Please go to usalacrosse.org to RENEW your current membership or to obtain a NEW membership.  This is an annual membership that provides secondary insurance. The cost is $30.00 for youth players. You will need this number for PSL lacrosse registration.


2. Lacrosse Registration 

   - Computers - Please use a COMPUTER to do Registration.  Iphones and Ipads tend to have problems. 

   - Existing accounts - If you already have an account but forget your log in information, please click on your group below and then reset your password.  Please do not create another account

   - Age Group - Look for your child's age group below and click on Register at the end of the information. Enter PARENT information first and then PLAYER information.

   - Payment - Payment will collected at end of completion of registration form.


3. Uniform Pinny will be provided with registration.


Now please scroll down to register in the appropriate age group.