Required Lacrosse Equipment for girls lacrosse:

Lacrosse Stick - Locally you can buy equipment at Dick's.  Sticks can range from $30-$200.  You can find a decent stick at Dick's for under $100 for sure. If a stick has a "runway" down the pocket, it provides additional support for passing/catching/shooting.  Brands that are common are STX, Under Armour, Nike, Brine, DeBeer.  Websites that sell sticks are sportstop.com, lacrossemonkey.com, lax.com. There are plenty more. You can always check eBay to find a stick or borrow from a friend!  

Girls buy the same sized women's stick. Most sticks are typically too long for young girls under 10 yrs. A common rule of thumb for determining proper stick length is to have your daughter hold her stick about a third of the way down from the stick head so the stick is parallel to the ground. Whatever part of the shaft is sticking out past her armpit, give or take an inch, can be cut off.  This makes a big difference for new players when they’re learning to catch and throw.

To shorten a stick, pull off the rubber cap known as the “butt” at the end of stick, cut the shaft, and then put it back on afterwards.

Here is a link to help understand how to size your daughter's stick if it's too long.  



Mouthguard (colored)

Cleats - Any cleat will work. You do not have to purchase lacrosse specific cleats.